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Call or email us to come in for a free first-time workout. If you choose to continue you'll need to schedule your On-Ramp training which consists of a series of classes or personal sessions that provide an understanding of the basic movements we perform in CrossFit. These basic movements are the fundamentals to all the movements in the workouts and it is important that you are familiar with the movements and able to perform them correctly and safely.

Once you have completed classes covering the seven basic movements, you’re invited to sign up for a program that fits your schedule and fitness goals. A Workout of the day or “WOD” is posted for each of the classes. The prescribed WOD will change daily and is constantly varied to prevent the routine and monotony that is typical for most fitness programs.
If you would like to attend one of our introductory classes, check the schedule to see which one works for you or call us to schedule an individual session.

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